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Brentwood Luxury Guide: Schools, Shopping, & Real Estate


Brentwood Luxury Guide: Schools, Shopping, & Real Estate

Key Takeaways

  • Brentwood, Tennessee, offers an upscale lifestyle with its luxurious estates and exclusive neighborhoods, situated just 20 minutes south of Nashville.
  • The city features a refined food scene with upscale restaurants catering to an elegant evening out.
  • Real estate in Brentwood is highly sought after, characterized by expansive homes in gated communities such as Governors Club and Annandale.
  • Education is a priority, with top-rated public schools like Brentwood High School and prestigious private institutions including Brentwood Academy.
  • Brentwood provides a safe, serene environment with a high quality of life, ample parks, and outdoor activities, though it comes with a higher cost of living and limited public transportation options.


Brentwood, Tennessee, is a city that exudes luxury and sophistication, nestled just 20 minutes south of Nashville. Renowned for its lush landscapes, expansive homes, and high-end amenities, Brentwood is a premier destination for those seeking an elevated lifestyle. This guide explores the best of Brentwood, from its culinary delights to its shopping havens and real estate jewels.

Where Is Brentwood Located?

Brentwood is strategically located in Williamson County, Tennessee, offering a perfect blend of suburban tranquility and city accessibility. Its proximity to Nashville allows for an easy commute while maintaining a serene and secluded environment.

How’s The Atmosphere In Brentwood?

The atmosphere in Brentwood is one of refined elegance and natural beauty. The city boasts well-manicured public spaces, tree-lined streets, and a welcoming community that values privacy and luxury. Brentwood’s neighborhoods are characterized by large estates and beautifully designed homes, creating a sense of exclusivity and charm.

What’s The Food Scene Like In Brentwood?

Brentwood’s food scene caters to sophisticated tastes, featuring a variety of upscale restaurants and eateries. Places like Mere Bulles offer exquisite Southern cuisine in a charming setting, while Corky’s BBQ brings a touch of Memphis to Brentwood with its award-winning ribs and barbecue. For those seeking international flavors, Soy Teriyaki Bistro offers a fusion of Korean and American dishes that delight the palate.

What’s The Nightlife Like In Brentwood?

Brentwood is celebrated for its tranquil and upscale environment, and while the city itself may not be a hotspot for nightlife, it provides a peaceful backdrop for those preferring quieter evenings. For residents seeking a more vibrant night out, the neighboring city of Franklin to the south and Nashville to the north offer a wide range of entertainment options, from lively bars and clubs to live music venues. Brentwood’s strategic location means that exciting nightlife is just a short drive away, allowing for the best of both worlds.

What Are The Top Things To Do In Brentwood?

Brentwood residents and visitors can enjoy a myriad of activities ranging from the serene trails of Radnor Lake State Park and the expansive greenery of Crockett Park to the historical charm of Marcella Vivrette Smith Park. For those seeking recreation, the Brentwood Skate Center and Maryland Farms YMCA offer plenty of sports and fitness options, while shopping and dining experiences can be found at Hill Center Brentwood and Brentwood Place Shopping Center.

Cultural pursuits are met with local theater productions at Town Centre Theatre and events at the Brentwood Library. Seasonally, the community comes alive with events like the Brentwood Christmas Parade and summer concerts in the park. For a unique experience, nearby hot air balloon rides provide stunning views, and various spas offer relaxation and pampering, ensuring that Brentwood offers something special for every interest, from outdoor adventures to luxurious relaxation and cultural experiences.

How’s The Real Estate Market In Brentwood?

The real estate market in Brentwood is thriving, with a focus on luxury living. The area is home to some of Tennessee’s most impressive estates, offering a range of architectural styles from modern contemporary to classic Southern mansions. Gated communities such as Governors Club and Annandale are highly sought after for their exclusivity and amenities.

Single-Family Homes:

  • Average Sales Price: $1,676,188
    • Average Sales Price/Sqft: $355
  • Median Sales Price: $1,321,250
    • Median Sales Price/Sqft: $326
  • Average Days on Market: 35 Days
  • Average % of List Price Received: 97.04%

How’s The Cost Of Living In Brentwood?

As expected in a luxury community, the cost of living in Brentwood is above average, particularly in terms of housing. However, residents find the investment worthwhile for the unparalleled quality of life, excellent schools, and pristine environment that Brentwood offers.

How Is Transportation In Brentwood?

Transportation in Brentwood is convenient, with major roads and highways providing easy access to Nashville and surrounding areas. While public transportation options are limited, the city is designed with driving in mind, ensuring smooth traffic flow and ample parking.

What Are The Top Public Schools In Brentwood?

Brentwood is known for its exceptional public schools, which rank among the best in the state. Brentwood High School and Ravenwood High School are noted for their academic excellence, comprehensive extracurricular programs, and strong community support.

Elementary Schools:

Middle Schools:

High Schools:

What Are The Top Private Schools In Brentwood?

For those seeking private education, Brentwood offers several prestigious options. Brentwood Academy stands out for its rigorous academics and strong athletic programs, while Currey Ingram Academy is recognized for its specialized learning strategies and individualized student support.

What Are The Best Parks In Brentwood?

Brentwood’s commitment to outdoor living is evident in its numerous parks and green spaces. Crockett Park, with its extensive trails and athletic fields, and Marcella Vivrette Smith Park, offering hiking trails and historic sites, are just two examples of the city’s dedication to providing residents with quality recreational areas.

Is Brentwood A Safe Place To Live?

Safety is a top priority in Brentwood, with crime rates significantly lower than national averages. The city’s emphasis on community and its proactive safety measures ensure a secure environment for all residents.

Pros To Living In Brentwood

  • Luxurious and spacious homes in exclusive neighborhoods
  • High-quality dining and shopping options
  • Top-rated public and private schools
  • Abundant parks and outdoor activities
  • Low crime rates and a strong sense of community

Cons To Living In Brentwood

  • Limited nightlife options compared to surrounding cities
  • Public transportation options are minimal, necessitating a reliance on personal vehicles


Brentwood, Tennessee, represents the pinnacle of luxury living with its stunning landscapes, elite schools, and exquisite lifestyle offerings. It’s a city where elegance and comfort meet, making it an ideal destination for those seeking the best in suburban luxury close to the vibrant heart of Nashville.