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Green Hills Luxury Schools, Shopping, & Real Estate


Green Hills Luxury Schools, Shopping, & Real Estate

Key Takeaways

  • Green Hills is a prestigious neighborhood in Nashville, known for its luxurious lifestyle, with easy access to downtown entertainment while maintaining a peaceful, residential atmosphere.
  • The area boasts a vibrant food scene with a mix of gourmet restaurants and casual dining options, alongside a nightlife that offers live music and unique bars.
  • Real estate in Green Hills is in high demand, featuring luxurious homes, modern condos, and upscale apartments, reflecting its status as a desirable location for both families and professionals.
  • The neighborhood is home to top-tier public and private schools, offering excellent educational opportunities, and is complemented by beautiful parks and green spaces for recreation.
  • Despite its many advantages, living in Green Hills comes with a higher cost of living, especially in terms of housing, and can experience heavy traffic during peak times, with limited public transportation options.


Green Hills, a gem nestled within the vibrant city of Nashville, Tennessee, is synonymous with luxury living, upscale dining, and high-end shopping. This guide takes you on a journey through Green Hills, exploring its serene atmosphere, culinary delights, shopping experiences, and the real estate landscape. With its unique blend of sophistication and community, Green Hills offers an unmatched living experience.

Where Is Green Hills Located?

Green Hills is situated in the heart of Nashville, offering a convenient location that is both close to the bustling city center yet far enough to maintain a peaceful residential atmosphere. Its strategic location provides easy access to Nashville’s key attractions, making it a desirable place to live.

How’s The Atmosphere In Green Hills?

The atmosphere in Green Hills is one of elegance and charm. The neighborhood boasts well-manicured lawns, beautiful homes, and an overall sense of community and tranquility. Its streets are lined with trees, and there’s a friendly vibe that makes residents feel instantly at home.

What’s The Food Scene Like In Green Hills?

Green Hills is a food lover’s paradise, featuring a wide array of dining options. From the gourmet delights of Char Restaurant to the casual chic of The Bluebird Café, where live music and great food meet. There’s something for every palate. Another local favorite is Green Hills Grille, known for its eclectic menu and warm ambiance.

What’s The Nightlife Like In Green Hills?

While Green Hills is more subdued compared to Nashville’s downtown, it still offers a variety of nightlife options. The Bluebird Café is not only a place for dining but also a renowned spot for live music, offering an intimate setting to enjoy performances. For a more relaxed evening, the Greenhouse Bar provides a unique atmosphere with its indoor garden setting.

What Are The Top Things To Do In Green Hills?

Green Hills offers an array of activities that cater to both its residents and visitors seeking a blend of upscale leisure and cultural experiences. Renowned for its high-end shopping, The Mall at Green Hills presents a selection of luxury retailers, boutique stores, and delightful dining options, making it a prime destination for fashion enthusiasts and foodies alike.

For those interested in music and literary culture, the iconic Bluebird Café is an essential stop, where up-and-coming songwriters perform in an intimate setting, embodying Nashville’s rich musical heritage. Art lovers will find solace at the Green Hills Gallery, showcasing local and international artists’ work.

The neighborhood also serves as a gateway to the natural beauty of Nashville, with nearby parks such as Radnor Lake State Park offering tranquil trails and wildlife observation. Seasonal events in Green Hills and the surrounding areas, including outdoor concerts and local farmers’ markets, reflect the community’s vibrant lifestyle.

Green Hills effortlessly combines the sophistication of city living with the charm of Nashville’s southern hospitality, making it a delightful place for an elegant day out or a cozy night in.

How’s The Real Estate Market In Green Hills?

The real estate market in Green Hills is thriving, with a mix of luxurious single-family homes, modern condos, and upscale apartments. The demand for properties in Green Hills is high, thanks to its reputation as a prestigious neighborhood, its excellent schools, and its proximity to downtown Nashville.

Single-Family Homes:

  • Average Sales Price: $2,008,145
    • Average Sales Price/Sqft: $458
  • Median Sales Price: $1,795,000
    • Median Sales Price/Sqft: $461
  • Average Days on Market: 36
  • Average % of List Price Received: 96.79%

How’s The Cost Of Living In Green Hills?

Living in Green Hills comes with a higher price tag, reflective of its luxury status. The cost of living here is higher than the Nashville average, particularly in terms of housing. However, many find the investment worthwhile for the quality of life and amenities the neighborhood offers.

How Is Transportation In Green Hills?

Transportation in Green Hills is convenient, with several major roads and highways providing easy access to the rest of Nashville. While public transportation options are available, most residents prefer using personal vehicles for commuting and running errands. Traffic can be heavy during peak hours.

What Are The Top Public Schools In Green Hills?

Green Hills is served by some of the best public schools in Nashville, including Julia Green Elementary and Hillsboro High School, both known for their strong academic programs and extracurricular activities, offering excellent educational opportunities to students.

Elementary Schools:

Middle Schools:

High Schools:

What Are The Top Private Schools In Green Hills?

The neighborhood is also home to prestigious private schools such as The Harpeth Hall School, an independent college preparatory school for girls, and Montgomery Bell Academy for boys, both offering rigorous academics and a wide range of extracurriculars.

What Are The Best Parks In Green Hills?

Green Hills provides residents with beautiful parks and green spaces. Green Hills Park, with its walking trails, playground, and sports fields, is a popular spot for families. Another cherished green space is the Woodmont Park, ideal for picnics and outdoor activities.

Is Green Hills A Safe Place To Live?

Green Hills is considered one of the safest neighborhoods in Nashville, with low crime rates and a strong community presence that ensures residents feel secure in their homes and public areas. You can see the latest crime mapping data on

Pros To Living In Green Hills

  • High-end shopping at The Mall at Green Hills and local boutiques
  • A wide variety of dining options offering exquisite culinary experiences
  • Access to top-tier public and private schools
  • Beautiful parks and green spaces for recreation
  • A safe and secure living environment

Cons To Living In Green Hills

  • Traffic can be heavy during peak times, especially near shopping centers
  • Public transportation options are limited, necessitating reliance on personal vehicles


Green Hills is a neighborhood that offers luxury living with its upscale homes, gourmet restaurants, exclusive shopping experiences, and excellent educational institutions. It’s a place where the tranquility of suburban life meets the conveniences of city living, making it one of Nashville’s most sought-after neighborhoods. Whether you’re drawn to its safe streets, the vibrant community, or the lush parks, Green Hills promises a lifestyle of comfort and luxury.